Arthritis detection at your fingertips

Artritis Reumatoide

ThermoHand is the first medical device (an app) that uses mobile thermography and artificial intelligence to detect hand arthritis automatically, accurate, fast and harmless


These characteristics allow its use in places close to the patient, such as the pharmacy, promoting that patients with a pattern suggestive of arthritis to go to the doctor quickly, benefiting from an early diagnosis

How does it work?

Cómo funciona

Hand thermography using ThermoHand App

Cómo funciona

Send the images to the analysis servers in the cloud

Cómo funciona

Image processing using artificial intelligence algorithms

Cómo funciona

Return of the result to ThermoHand

Cómo funciona

Displays the result of arthritis detection


Singularity Biomed

Manuel Marín, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO

Biologist, MSc in Bioinformatics,
Master in Pharmaceutical Marketing
PhD in Biomedicine.

Experience in research and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Singularity Biomed

Isabel Morales, MD
Co-Founder & CSO

Biologist and Rheumatologist, Master in advanced medical skills.

Experience in clinical practice and research.